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Is that a franchise?

Franchising has long since moved from its original roots in fast food and automotive services. Today, virtually everything we use or consume is associated with a franchise system of one type or another before it reaches the end user. Tangible and intangible franchises embrace both the exotic and the mundane and it might be said… Continue reading Is that a franchise?

Getting old and trending up.

It is official, whether you reside in Canada or The United States you are getting older! The population of both countries is aging to the point where ‘seniors’ now make up a very significant portion of the population.   We are all familiar with the term ‘Baby Boomers’ but what many people fail to realize… Continue reading Getting old and trending up.

Entrepreneurism-alive and well? Entrepreneur -vs- Franchisee

Does an entrepreneurial start up businesses have a better success rate than an equivalent franchised business? While there are no clearly defined statistics to provide a definitive answer all the typical indicators tend to point in favour of franchisee success over that of an entrepreneurial individual start-up. Businesses fail for many reasons as would be… Continue reading Entrepreneurism-alive and well? Entrepreneur -vs- Franchisee

Interface Financial Corp Announce New President and Director

We are extremely pleased to announce that Mr. Mark Landes has been appointed to the position of President and Director of Interface Financial Corp. (“IFC”). IFC acts as a franchisor for franchisees in the US, Canada, UK, Australia, New Zealand and the Republic of Ireland. Through his company, Arch Holdings LLC., Mark has also become… Continue reading Interface Financial Corp Announce New President and Director

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Five Things Every Franchisee Must Know About Cash Flow

You have seen the headlines “How I built my six-figure business in five easy steps”.  This article is not going to take you down that road because that statement is usually just a myth. What is a six-figure business? Often people assume that it means a six-figure profit number – whereas, of course, in most… Continue reading Five Things Every Franchisee Must Know About Cash Flow

Research – Research – Research

You are probably reading this magazine because you have already decided that your next business venture will be a franchise. You have probably come to this decision after extensive research and investigation and are doubtless now well on the way to making a final decision. Just before you make that final ‘leap of faith’ take… Continue reading Research – Research – Research

Fact or Fiction?

The Interface Financial Group (IFG) has been in business for 44 years and has accumulated some serious ‘myths’ about their opportunity along the way. This article hopes to set the record straight on three of the greatest myths. Myth #1 – You need an accounting or financial service background to qualify for a franchise award.… Continue reading Fact or Fiction?

The Broad Approach

from David Banfield, president, Interface Financial Group. Franchising has long since come of age. It is now a very accepted method for individuals to transition quickly, and usually painlessly, from employment into self-employment and entrepreneurship. Most people, when they start a franchise search to locate their ‘ultimate business opportunity’, gravitate towards things they know and… Continue reading The Broad Approach

You Made it, You Sold it… Now, How to Fund it

from David Banfield, president, Interface Financial Group. For many small business owners, the world of finance still remains a mystery. It used to be that you went to your bank and whatever the issue was, the bank would solve it. Unfortunately those days are gone and probably gone forever. Banks continue to retreat from the… Continue reading You Made it, You Sold it… Now, How to Fund it

Expert Advice

Expert Advice The Do’s and Don’ts of Financing a Franchise Author: Kenny Chan, Vice President, Content & Marketing The Canadian… Read More How Much Money Can I Make? A common question asked by prospective franchisees that are reviewing… Read More Multi-Unit Franchising Multi-unit franchising has been around almost as long as franchising… Read More Entrepreneurism-alive… Continue reading Expert Advice